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Richie Carlisle never wanted to be famous.


After stumbling into the limelight five years ago, he soon found himself spectacularly crashing back out of it. Now, he spends his days working in a small music shop, attempting to live a quiet life as a part-time Dad.

But his fifteen minutes of fame has taken its toll. His inspiration for songwriting, music and life in general seems to have all but disappeared. 

When Richie is given a flyer advertising the first meeting of the Hope Street Songwriters' Circle, it's a chance to step back into the world. But after years of hiding away, letting in the light wont be easy.


Set in Edinburgh, this powerful story explores the complexities of love and relationships. LET IN THE LIGHT is both heart-breaking and uplifting and is a must-read for fans of Mike Gayle and Nick Hornby.